What are Risk Free Spins, Risk Free Spins and WinSpins?

Risk-free spins or risk-free spins (Optibet uses the term WinSpin) are essentially free spins, but unlike a free spin, you have to use your own money to make a risk-free spin, which is paid for by the casino.

An example of risk-free spins

For example - 10cric casino review, at OlyBet every Wednesday there is a promotion where 10 risk-free spins are given to those who made a deposit in the last 14 days or 5 free risk-free spins to those who make a deposit on Wednesday.

Risk-free spins are awarded in Book of Ra Classic and each spin is worth 20 cents. This means that the player has to play the Book of Ra game for his money and either 10 x €0.20 spins or 5 x €0.20, depending on whether he qualified for 10 or 5 spins.

If the player has made spins for his money, all winnings remain with the player. In addition, OlyBet pays closed spins, i.e. either 10 x €0.20 or 5 x €0.20.

Simply put, risk-free spins are spins that must be done with your own money at the beginning, all winnings remain with the player, but the spins made are paid by the casino.

Analogues of risk-free spins

Risk-free spins are at OlyBet. The term risk-free spin may also be used. Optibet uses the term WinSpin.

The sports betting analogue to risk-free spins is risk-free bets.

Similar to spins, the player bets his own money and the winnings remain with the player. Unlike risk-free spins, where all spins made are paid out, only the losing bet may be paid out in a risk-free bet.

Risk Free Spins vs WinSpin

In principle, there is no difference between them. In both cases, the player uses their money, the winnings remain with the player, and the spin bet is returned.

OlyBet Risk Free Spins

The difference is the rules, which may vary during the campaign, but at the time of writing, OlyBet uses the principle that the total amount of risk-free bets is returned after all spins have been made.

For example, based on the Wednesday campaign example, all 10 or 5 free spins must be completed and then €0.20 x 10 or €0.20 x 5 will be returned.

Optibet WinSpins

Optibet's WinSpins, however, have used the principle that after each bet, the bet is automatically returned.

For example, if you get 10 WinSpins within the Optibet campaign and the value of each WinSpin is €0.20, then €0.20 will be returned automatically after the €0.20 spin.

Risk Free Spins vs Free Spins

The difference is that with free spins, the player does not have to use his own money, but casino money is used to make the spin. Risk-free spins use your own money, which is later returned by the casino.

Why use risk free spins?

The above explains why casinos have started to use risk-free spins or WinSpine in the example of Optibet. The principle remains the same compared to free spins - the player does not have to risk anything directly.

But the player must actually make a deposit. In this case, the casino has a higher probability that the player can use his money to participate in other campaigns, play or simply visit the portal.

Therefore, the player does not have to risk directly, but indirectly his deposit can mean potential additional income for the casino, a new customer or simply advertising.

Risk Free Spins Summary

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In summary, risk-free spins (or risk-free spins or Optibet's WinSpins) are essentially free spins, but to use them you have to use your own money, which the casino compensates, either after the spin or all spins.